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How to Take Care of Your Nonstick BBQ Grill Mats

Today we’re going to check the excellent methods to care for your new BBQ grill mats.

What are they?

Granted, a grill mat does not look like plenty, but appearances may be deceiving. It’s virtually like having an steeply-priced non-stick pan that you may roll up. That’s essentially what they are, however they may be even better, because you may use both aspects. Obviously, you can not do that with a nonstick pan. The BBQ grill mats require the equal care as some other high-stop nonstick cooking utensil. A chef’s cookware will nonetheless look new after years of use, and your mats will too, in case you learn how to use them and maintain them correctly.

Step by step

First of all, eliminate them from the field and wash them thoroughly in cleaning soap and water to get rid of any production and packaging residues. Never use abrasives of any type whilst cleaning the mats. Avoid scratch pads and powdered cleaners. Use best water, liquid soap and a smooth cloth. After washing, rinse them nicely, and wipe off the extra water with a dry material. Allow them dry, until all moisture is long gone from the surface. You can use your dishwasher if you select – grill mats are dishwasher-safe, however use the pinnacle rack simplest.

Scale model maker’s cutting mats

After washing and drying your new BBQ grill mats, you are nearly prepared to place them to use. First although, you’ll need some unique tools to apply them successfully and now not harm them. The techniques used are a piece distinctive than the ones used while running without delay on the grill.

Never use metallic gear at the mats. Whenever metal comes into contact with a nonstick surface, it leaves scratches and these upload up through the years and destroy down the integrity of the cooking floor. The first-rate equipment to apply are a hard and fast of silicone tipped pincers and a difficult plastic spatula, so be sure to acquire those, before you start using the mats. You can locate them at any save that gives kitchen implements. You’ll additionally need a can of your favourite cooking oil spray.

Using oil

I realize that many on line ads for the grill mats say that you do not want to use oil, however the grill mats behave the same way as Teflon™ cookware and the oil makes the food less difficult to address, removes sticking and makes cleanup less difficult. So make certain to use oil.


You’ll use a two-passed method to control food at the mats. Use one device to anchor the mat and hold it in vicinity at the same time as you operate the opposite to turn, turn or in any other case pass the meals around. Cooking at the grill could be very easy with the grill mats due to the fact meals does not fall via the grate and also you won’t need to struggle with the ones pesky ingredients like fish that usually adhere to the grill.

Finish up

When you are done cooking at the BBQ mats, the simplicity of cleanup varies depending on what you’ve got been grilling. For many items, you will simplest need to wipe the mats clean. If you’ve got been cooking sauces or fish, and you didn’t use oil, then you may want to soak them for some time earlier than wiping them off. Alternatively, just use the dishwasher. Keep your grill mats rolled up and saved within the box they came in, to guard them from scratching. Happy grilling!

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